You organise the flight to and from Sardinia…We take care of the rest…

Excitement, appeal and mystery: discover the real island.

Travelling in Sardinia connects with another dimension, at a slower pace of life one re-energises and recovers a secret contact with nature, with the people and with traditions.

We offer a responsible kind of tourism, which cherishes the environment and the local culture to preserve the countryside. We will discover the wild beauty of the landscape and the generosity of the Sardinian people. In addition to the immense unspoiled nature and the beautiful sea Sardinia is also the land of the Nuraghe, awe-inspiring buildings that dominate the Sardinian countryside. The Nuraghe are an important symbol for the community and have a fascinating history, which dates back more than three thousand five hundred years.

The typical cusine of the island is defined by the culture based on farming enhanced over time from input and fusion with other Mediterranean cultures. Each town has a speciality and we will go and find out by actively participating in the preparation.

Artisanship one of the most vibrant sectors, is culturally ingrained within the traditions of our people and has gained a greater national and international exposure in time. Our itineries provide the opportunity to meet a variety of craftsmen who will demonstrate their artistry. Folk customs are soundly established in our culture and convey a strong identity through pluralistic events even nowadays. Interesting legends both ancient and recent swathe this ancient island in magic.




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